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Uncommon Places where Mold Thrives

There are some places in our house that you may not be aware of where mold could live, grow and multiply. We tend to seek the common places like basements, bathrooms and kitchens to look for molds. Molds live in moist areas so it could be anywhere as long as the sun cannot reach it. The mold in the house usually look like slimy dark green or black molds, some could be powdery especially if they no longer have enough moisture to feed on but it could still be dangerous to you and your family’s health.

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How to Prevent Mold Growths

Molds are fungi like organisms that are made of tiny spores. They feed on moisture and dust and they can grow in your house. They usually thrive in your basement, bathroom, kitchen and attic. There are a lot of types of molds and some of them are even dangerous like the toxic black mold, but it does not matter what type of mold infested in your house. It is still a mold and needs to be removed as soon as possible.

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Fight Against Molds

The house is considered the safest place to be but if molds are starting to invade it, you need to act fast. Molds are extremely dangerous, not only to you and your family but to your house as well. They can destroy your ceilings, walls, floors and even your entire house if not eliminated completely. Some of the symptoms of mold exposure are sneezing, coughing, teary eyes, sore throat, and skin rashes. It could also trigger asthma attacks and prolonged exposure to molds could cause severe rashes, bleeding in the lungs, dizziness and mental problems.

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Black Mold Symptoms

One of the first thing you should do in the event that you fell you have some type of mold or mildew problem is to a detailed inspect of your property looking for any signs of water leaks (old or new) and use your nose to alert you for any foul, musty smells which in many cases is the first signal that something is going on.

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Mold or Mildew Prevention

Molds are tiny microscopic organisms that digest organic matter and reproduce by releasing spores. Molds are a type of fungi and there are over 100,000 species which comes in variety of shapes, colors sizes and textures. In nature, mold helps decompose or break-down leaves, wood and other plant debris. Molds become a problem when they go where they are not wanted and digest materials such as our homes.

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How to Tell if You Have Mold?

Molds are fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. We know that there are more than 300 thousands different species of fungi some are beneficial but you should not have any mold growing in colonies inside your home. This can cause thousand dollars in property damages not to mention the different ways it can impact your health. In order for mold and spread its need a food source and increased moisture.  Common food source may include, wall paper glue, wet carpet, old papers, gypsum, sheetrock, wood furniture, pressboard or other damp organic materials.  Increased moisture may be in the form of slow leak that you are unaware of, natural disaster, lack of proper ventilation, cracks in your chimney or basements, clogged gutter or windows and doors not properly sealed.

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What causes Mold to Spread?

Each of us is exposed to mold almost every day either by touching it or breathing in mold spores. . It is everywhere in our environment and to think that you can live in a totally mold-free environments is really not possible.  Many factors influence if you will get sick from mold exposure which are: how long you are exposed, the amount of toxic mold spores, and your health history. We know that the elderly, women who are pregnant, infants, and anyone with autoimmune conditions are at greater risk for developing serious medical conditions to mold exposure.

Mold produces allergens, irritants and in many cases toxins which can cause health problems if the mold is left to grow and spread toxins.  Mold symptoms vary from person to person and they often times mimic those of a common cold. These symptoms could include headaches, runny eyes and nose, sneezing, skin rashes, difficulty breathing or nasal congestion.   You can have more serious health condition for those who are allergic to mold may develop wheezing, shortness of breath, cardiac problems to bleeding into the lungs.

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Mold in My House?

Your house could be gleaming with cleanliness after vacuuming, mopping and dusting. But wait, have you checked if your water pipelines are leaking? How about your windows and doors if they are leaking as well? The reason for checking those areas is important; there may be mold growing in your house without your being aware. In fact in most cases this is what happens until you have that musty smell that you just cannot get rid of. Most molds grow in areas that cannot be reached by the sun. They live in moist areas like basements, pipeline in your kitchen sink, or bathtubs. Wet wallpapers are breeding grounds for molds to grow on your walls. Cracked walls and floors are some of the places they love to spread. Blue, green, gray, orange, purple and black are some of the common colors that they have. These molds are harmful to your health. Any type of molds must be removed properly and if you are unsure to treat them, you should hire a certified mold tester or remediation company to visit your property and have it evaluated.

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Mold and Water

Most people have  hear the saying when it rains, it pours and this is very true when dealing with any type of natural disaster, broken hot water heater, leaking pipe just to name a few.  When you have an acute water problem time is not on your side. This can cause a huge mess initially and much bigger mess if the water is not cleaned up completely and in a timely manner. Mold and mildew can start to grow within 24 hours of a water leak. This mold and mild if allowed to take root and grow can cause structural damage to your property and medical issues for your family and pets.

Prevention and pre-planning can make the difference in recovery or disaster. By having some general information such as knowing where your water shut off valve is, water meter is, know how to contact your water company and have an emergency number for a water restoration company. All these save time and can save you money from secondary damage resulting from the water.

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