Indoor Pollution And Cause For Concern

Americans spend as much 90 percent of their time indoors, but have you ever thought about the quality of the air that you are breathing as you sit inside your home, office or even a restaurant?

Indoor air quality is considered to be the fourth greatest pollution threat to Americans by the Environmental Protection Agency. We are reading more articles and seeing top new stories relating to the impact that indoor air quality has on your health.  Even if you can never see, and can’t always smell the chemicals inside your home, they are there. It comes from cleaning products, dry-cleaning chemicals, and plastic products like computer keyboards, furniture, paint, carpeting and more.

If you were to perform mold test on your home to see what kind of threat indoor air pollution posed to the average household you would be surprised of the outcome in many cases.   If you ever have an industrial hygienist perform an air quality test you would see the comtimants in your home.  Much of the time indoor air is much more polluted than outdoor.

Some ways to reduce pollutants are to add green live plants to your living space, look for certifications for low chemical emissions, look for green labeled products, choose unscented products like candles air fresheners, and when painting leave windows open. By being aware of the health risk indoor pollutants can cause is the first step to correct and avoid problems in the future.   When you take steps to avoid pollutants this will lead to a safer environment for you and your family for years to come.


For peace of mind and to protect you and your family’s future it is a good rule of thumb is to have an industrial hygienist or a certified mold tester evaluate your home and make recommendations on ways to have the highest quality of air you  breath.

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