Points to consider after a Fire or flood

Your initial actions are the most critical following any Fire, Water or other emergency you have. Safety for you and your family are the most important factor to consider. Fast action in deciding who you choose to work with is one of the most important decisions you make. This team will represent you during the drying and remediation process where your property will be restored to its pre loss condition. This is the time to ask questions and you should feel comfortable with the professional you decide on.

After a Fire or Flood immediate assessment and dry out to restore any water damaged area is critical to save you money in loss to structural components, personal belongings and electrical equipment.

Today we are seeing damaged furnishings restored, Insulated walls dried out successfully, floor coverings are being saved because of the advancement in the State-of the- art dehumidification equipment. Choosing the qualified professional who has the training in psychometrics can limit your loss from moisture damage and prevent mold from growing which always is a concern when you have an increase in humidity and moisture.


When you first experience an unfortunate flood, fire, storm or other natural disaster you are working against time. We know that mold can start to develop within forty-eight- to seventy-two hours where you have a warm humid environment.  Every family should have an evacuation plan for your home this should also include an emergency plan for a fire or flood.   Some tips to ensure a smooth process include having copies of your insurance policy in a secure location, have a list of a certified specialist or know a web site that specialized in indoor air quality like moldremoval.com.  Following these basic guidelines can help restore order to the chaos and save you precious time when every minute counts on limiting your property damage.

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