Signs Of A Mold Problem

I often get asked: what are some common causes of mold growth in the home, and can it impact my health.

 Moisture creates the perfect environment for mold growth.  Mold growth is common where you have a leaky faucet, improperly installed gutters, poor drainage system, terrestrial rains, storm, or fire damage. Mold growth can start to within 48 hours of an occurrence. If you have any of these situtations you should address them quickly by a certified professional.   One of the sure signs of mold is a musty odor or mildew smell and it gets worse when the air or heat is off. This may be your first wakeup call that something is not right with the air you are breathing.

 If you have been exposed to mold you may experience respiratory problems, or have allergic reactions which could mean high levels of toxic mold .This mold can be dangerous because it spreads quickly and can cause structural and health related issues

To confirm the presence of toxic mold in your home it is best to have a mold test performed. There are many different sampling techniques such as samples for the indoor and outdoor air, surface or tape testing. These test can be expensive and something that you should not try yourself. The best practice would be to hire a professional industrial hygienist or mold tester who will do a complete process of inspection, interview you, collect the samples, analyze the data and recommend the best practice to create a safe place for you and your family to live.

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