For Mildew To Grow

Mildew should serve as a warning sign that you are having trouble with you moisture and Humidity level in your home or office.   For mildew to grow and spread it need Moisture, Humidity and a food source. If you have a leaky faucet, improperly installed gutters or drainage system this could be the root problem of your mildew issue. You should identify the cause and correct the moisture and humidity sooner than later to protect you family, home or office.

This Mildew will only get worse over time and will not correct itself

Mold that causes mildew will continue to grow and spread in damp, warm, or where the air is not circulated thus bathroom and basements being the prime target.  As mold grows it can leave musty odors, and may discolor fabrics and leave stain on walls.

Some ways to prevent mildew is to get rid of the dampness. Mold spores are likely to settle on surfaces where there is a high moisture level. Keep the air dry   with air conditioners or dehumidifiers. Cool air holds less moisture than warm air. If you have dampness uses a heater for a short time. Increased temperature will help prevent mildew.  Circulating the air is an excellent way to remove moisture

If you have a Mold or Mildew problem you should have an industrial hygienist or mold tester do an evaluation to determine if you have toxic mold and the quality of the air you are breathing every day. Mildew is usually an indicator that you have some going on that is impacting your indoor air quality which needs evaluation to protect you and your family and to avoid costly expenses in the future.

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