How to Remove Mold?

If your property has water damage from a recent water intrusion or from a leaky pipe you have the potential for a mold and mildew problem. Knowing the who, what when, where, and why can save you thousands of dollars in medical and structural expenses. As mold establishes it roots it can invite your walls, attic, basement, air conditioning system, practically any and everywhere. Taking some simple yet deliberate actions can help to correct the moisture problem and killing the mold so it will not come back.

Who should you call is always a question that is ask. For any mold and mildew concerns you need to call a certified mold tester or industrial hygienist who will visit your property and launch an investigation to identity the reason for your mold and mildew problem. They will collect various samples from the inside and outside environment. These specimens will be sent to a certified lab for analysis

What will the lab test show is a concern for most people? These reports will breakdown in detail the types of mold you have and the spore count for each sample. This will serve as the blueprint of what needs to be done to bring your indoor air quality back to acceptable levels. Visit for a complete list of articles and videos relating to your indoor air quality.

When should the mold and toxic spores be removed is a question that is frequently asked. Mold removal should be done sooner than later. Mold will continue to grow and can have adverse health concerns for your pets and family.  This mold removal process is known as mold remediation and should be done by a certified remediation specialist. They have the special equipment necessary to remove the mold and the mold spores. Failure to kill the mold spores can result with mold problems in the future.

Where should the mold be removed will be determined by the visual inspection of your property in conjunction with the spore count of the lab report. This is very important that you have the team removing the mold present you with a scope of practice which will give you a detailed summary of what will be  done and they type of remediation procedures that will be followed.

Why should I have the mold removed is an easy question to answer. The primary reason to have the mold and mildew removed is to avoid mold related health corners and the structural damage the mold can cause your property. Failure to remove mold can have some serious mold symptoms. You may have mold related symptoms like rashes, headaches, cough that progress to wheezing or asthma, runny eyes or nasal congestion. These mold symptoms can progress to full blown mold allergies which can be life threating, particularly in infants, pregnant women, the elderly, and anyone with auto immune conditions. Once you take care of the mold and mildew problems and correct any moisture you should not have any additional problems related to mold and your indoor air quality.

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